Being a believer in Jesus is all about having a relationship with Him. God takes the initiative with us and calls us to be His very own; we are adopted into His family. 

That is the promise that is made in baptism. God uses the simple means of water, which, when connected with His name - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - makes a promise that can never be broken. That is why we baptize infants as well as adults. Our relationship doesn't depend on us; it depends on God. 

For more information about baptism, download our pamphlet by clicking HERE. To schedule a baptism, contact the church office.


What do Lutherans believe? What does it mean to be a member of Salem Lutheran? Already a member but want a refresher on what the Lutheran Church believes? Join us for our new six week membership class. Those who wish to become new members may do so after completion of all six classes. Although this is a new member class, it is open to anyone who wants to attend.  

If you would like more information on membership at Salem, please email Christel at, or to register for our next class, please click HERE.

You Have a purpose

Do you know that you are a minister? One of the foundations of our Christian faith is living to serve and care for others. In 1996, God called Diana Myers to begin the Gifts of Grace Ministry where believers learn how they can minister and serve others according to how the Holy Spirit has gifted them. Gifts of Grace Ministry has placed thousands of believers in the right area of serving at their church, in their careers, and serving in the community.  

You have an opportunity to find out how God has uniquely designed you and be a part of serving others at Salem and in the community. In order to find out what ministry you are best fit to serve, take the SpiritualFingerprint Assessment and receive your own unique profile from me within one to two weeks. See how God has equipped YOU to make an impact for the Kingdom of God.  

Contact the church office at (714) 633-2366 or for more information on taking your assessment.